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            Lesson 1 Excuse me!

            Lesson 2 Is this your....?

            Lesson 3 Sorry, sir.

            Lesson 4 Is this your...?

            Lesson 5 Nice to meet you.

            Lesson 6 What make is it?

            Lesson 7 Are you a teacher?

            Lesson 8 What's your job?

            Lesson 9 How are you today?

            Lesson 10 Look at

            Lesson 11 Is this your shirt?

            Lesson 12 Whose is this ...?

            Lesson 13 A new dress

            Lesson 14 What colour's your...?

            Lesson 15 Your passports, please.

            Lesson 16 Are these your.....?

            Lesson 17 How do you do?

            Lesson 18 What are their jobs?

            Lesson 19 Tired and thirsty

            Lesson 20 Look at them!

            Lesson 21 Which book?

            Lesson 22 Give me a...

            Lesson 23 Which glasses?

            Lesson 25 Mrs. Smith's kitchen

            Lesson 26 Where is it?

            Lesson 27 Mrs. Smith's living room

            Lesson 28 Where are they?

            Lesson 29 Come in, Amy.

            Lesson 30 What must I do?

            Lesson 31 Where's Sally?

            Lesson 32 What's he/she/it doing?

            Lesson 33 A fine day

            Lesson 34 What are they doing?

            Lesson 35 Our village

            Lesson 36 Where。。。?

            Lesson 37 Making a bookcase

            Lesson 38 What are you going to do?

            Lesson 39 Don't drop it!

            Lesson 40 I'm going to give her a。。。

            Lesson 41 Penny's bag

            Lesson 42 Is there a。。。?

            Lesson 43 Hurry up!

            Lesson 44 Are there any。。。?

            Lesson 45 The boss's letter

            Lesson 46 Can you...?

            Lesson 47 A cup of coffee

            Lesson 48 Do you like...?

            Lesson 49 At the butcher's

            Lesson 50 He likes...

            Lesson 51 A pleasant climate

            Lesson 52 What nationality are they?

            Lesson 53 An interesting climate

            Lesson 54 What nationality are they?

            Lesson 55 The Sawyer family

            Lesson 56 What do they usually do?

            Lesson 57 An unusual day

            Lesson 58 They usually..., but today they are...

            Lesson 59 Is that all?

            Lesson 60 Do you have any...?

            Lesson 61 A bad cold

            Lesson 62 What's the matter with them?

            Lesson 63 Thank you, doctor.

            Lesson 64 Don't.......!

            Lesson 65 Not a baby

            Lesson 66 When's your birthday?

            Lesson 67 The weekend

            Lesson 68 Where were you on.../at...?

            Lesson 69 The car race

            Lesson 70 When were they there?

            Lesson 71 He's awful!

            Lesson 72 When did you....?

            Lesson 73 The way to King Street

            Lesson 74 What did they do?

            Lesson 75 Uncomfortable shoes

            Lesson 76 When did you...?

            Lesson 77 Terrible toothache

            Lesson 78 When did you...?

            Lesson 79 Carol's shopping list

            Lesson 80 I must go to the...

            Lesson 81 Roast beef and potatoes

            Lesson 82 I had...

            Lesson 83 Going on holiday

            Lesson 84 Have you had.....?

            Lesson 85 Paris in the spring

            Lesson 86 What have you done?

            Lesson 87 A car crash

            Lesson 88 Have you……yet?

            Lesson 89 For sale

            Lesson 90 Have you……yet?

            Lesson 91 Poor Ian!

            Lesson 92 When will……?

            Lesson 93 Our new neighbour

            Lesson 94 When did you/ will you go to...?

            Lesson 95 Tickets, please.

            Lesson 96 What's the exact time?

            Lesson 97 A small blue case

            Lesson 98 Whose is it?

            Lesson 99 Ow!

            Lesson 100 He says that

            Lesson 101 A card from Jimmy

            Lesson 102 He says he...

            Lesson 103 The French test

            Lesson 104 Too, very, enough

            Lesson 105 Full of mistakes

            Lesson 106 I want you to........

            Lesson 107 It's too small.

            Lesson 108 How do they compare?

            Lesson 109 A good idea

            Lesson 110 How do they compare?

            Lesson 111 The most expensive model

            Lesson 112 How do they compare?

            Lesson 113 Small change

            Lesson 114 I've got none.

            Lesson 115 Knock, knock!

            Lesson 116 Every, no, any and some

            Lesson 117 Tommy's breakfast

            Lesson 118 What were you doing?

            Lesson 119 A true story

            Lesson 120 It had already happened.

            Lesson 121 The man in a hat

            Lesson 122 Who(whom), which and that

            Lesson 123 A trip to Australia

            Lesson 124(Who)/(whom), (which)and(that)

            Lesson 125 Tea for two

            Lesson 126 Have to and do not need to

            Lesson 127 A famous actress

            Lesson 128 He can't be.......

            Lesson 129 Seventy miles an hour

            Lesson 130 He can't have been...

            Lesson 131 Don't be so sure!

            Lesson 132 He may be.........

            Lesson 133 Sensational news!

            Lesson 134 He said(that)he

            Lesson 135 The latest report

            Lesson 136 He said(that) he

            Lesson 137 A pleasant dream

            Lesson 138 If......

            Lesson 139 Is that you, John?

            Lesson 140 He wants to know if/why/what/when

            Lesson 141 Sally's first train ride

            Lesson 142 Someone invited Sally to a party.

            Lesson 143 A walk through the woods

            Lesson 144 He hasn't been served yet.

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            good job.



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            ferly 3Q very much


            發表于 2006-10-10 09:13:59 | 只看該作者
            Lesson 1 Excuse me! 對不起!
            A About you 
            Copy this dialogue. Add your own name at the end. 抄寫這段對話,. 在結

            Sue: Excuse me. ______ Excuse me.

            John: Yes? ______ Yes?
            Sue: What's your name? ______ What's your name?
            John: Pardon? ______ ardon?
            Sue: What's your name? ______What's your name? 
            John: My name is John. ______ My name is John.
            Sue: What's your name? ______ What's your name?
            You: My name is...... ______ My name is Dolly.
            B Vocabulary 
            Write the correct words in the questions.. 用正確的詞完成以下問句。
            book car coat dress house√. 
            pen pencil shirt wathc 
            1 Is this your house? 6 Is this your coat? 
            2 Is this your wacth? 7 Is this your car? 
            3 Is this your shirt? 8 Is this your dress? 
            4 Is this your book? 9 Is this your pencil? 
            5 Is this your pen? 10 Is this your shirt? 
            C Numbers 
            Write the numbers in figures.. 用阿拉伯數字表示以下數詞。
            three 3 ten 10 one  four 4  six 6  five 5  
            eight 8  seven 7  two 2

            nine 9




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            現在 只有好少的表情,想送花都沒有.

            Give you a bear hug

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            Thanks very much~~


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            thank you


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            回復 #1 ferly 的帖子

            Thank you very much!!
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