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            I Really Don't Like Sycophantic People


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            I really don't like sycophantic people. As a lightly successful professional woman, I know how difficult for me to struggle through those dark days and attain today's sweet fruits.But there are some people who dispised you and bullied you when you were in your hardship, but when you conquered those obstacles and stand out, they can recognize your value ,aiming to give you some small bribes and sweet flattering to exchange thier own benifits.I really don't think I should give these kind of people benign attitudes.For what capital do you have to share my good luck? These kind of people extremely disgust me, for my success has cost me more than ten years worth of energy and blood, enduring all kinds of torture and agony, learning so much knowledge and skills, and during these times, what efforts have you offter ,at least to your own career ,but you want to clime along with others by fowning on them .
            That's not fair, extremely fair. No matter how much privite benefit you want to use to enduce me , I won't succum to it. For I like people who respect practical work and substanial outcome ,just like me.
            So if I know who is the ass-kisser , I will certainly make him at the far end of quene waiting for promotion.

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