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            Thank you, knowledge and wisdom


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            From my own experience of the last few years, it's knowledge and wisdom at last rescued me out of the long-term agony. No matter what kinds of difficulties you meet with, the best way of dealing with it is by shrewd ways, having far-sight and win the future.It's my wisdom that finally made me get the favor and suport from an excellent man, who became my husband, and my social position has been elevated greatly. Those dirty dogs who once persecutated me out of jealousy have to opoligize to me.
            It's my strinuous learning various skills ,especially the working ability, made me qualified for the managing position in my company. and I am ambious to create an fair and just, upright and honest atmosphere in my company.Let those really excellent collegues who is not only competent in their professional work, but with good ethical level will be promoted and lead all the employees onto the right way, eliminating the office politics for ever.
            Thank you, knowledge and wisdom, the real weapon to equip yourself and be relied on by you.

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