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            How I succeeded in marrying a successful man


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            I am 37 years old, this year, I succeeded in marrying a successful man.How could I make it?
            Because I am a dedicated and strinous woman.During my past ten years, I met with all kinds of dirty dogs, for their jealousy, they commited various plots to hamper my development and ruin my life, but every time I succeeded in overcoming these obstacles and difficulties. When I met with each trouble, I always surf the net for knowledge about this kind of person and trouble, or ask advice from seniors of my family and wise men in the society, so in this way as the experience acumulated, I was becoming more and more intellegent and wise.At last it's a piece of cake for me to deal with the tough problems.
            Just at this moment my husband fell into the most darkest and difficultiest plight in his life. His enemies schemed to rob him of all his money and damage his career, but though he was so clever all the time, he couldn't cope with this situation, he was so helpless.But he met me. I utilized my knowledge and wisdom to help him out , I assisted him to have defeated the evil people and make them get what they deserved , and what's more, his career entered into a more prosperous stage.So he regards me as his lucky star, who can bring good luck to him and on behalf of wisdom.He cherished me so much that we ended up got married and living a happy life.
            When we met with each other at first, we felt like old friends havn't seen for many years, although we chatted for 3days and nights continuously ,we still couldn't stop.That's because our realm of life and the connotation and wisdom is in the same level, we are perfect soulmates. Even some young and beautiful girls fancied him, he would prefer to stay with me.
            Addition, I introduce myself in brief.
            I have plain and ordinary oppearance ,but for I have read lots of books, I am elegant. To my great dismay, I couldn't find an ideal man who could have the same ambitious life goals with me , so I kept single for so many years. when I got older, many people advised me to lower my standard of selecting the partner, even some introduced so low quality men to me, and said I have no choice in fussing about the men cause I have this large age.Although their words were great blow to me, I still wouldn't like to give myself up, I put more energy in my self-development and my career, finally I was promoted and one day I met my husband.
            So it's hardworking and perseverance making me.
            So by my case I suggest every woman who wants to have an ideal husband should invest your wisdom and knowledge.In this world, young and beautiful girls turn up innumerously like the bamboo shoots in spring , but reall excellent women is rare. Nowadays successful men would prefer to select women with high stratum as thier wife , for they could share the common rich connotation, and this kind of wife could really be a good assistant in their career.If you only have beauty but without brain, I don't think you have long-term good luck ,for one day you'll become old , and your beauty will fade off, so all your charms will not exist for ever.What we should do is to rich our connotation , as the age gradually gets old, we will become more graceful.That the temperament and personality and the breeding and the affluent inner world.

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